Farm Tech Supplies in Hampshire is well placed to provide family-run British businesses, smallholders and compact tractor owners with essential tools and machinery to improve efficiency in agricultural work.
Helen from Farm Tech Supplies explains “We chose to support the Berkshire Animal Connection Centre because of its ethos, caring for animals in a sustainable way, and how the animals would wish to be cared for”.
We are delighted that Farm Tech Supplies have donated a Winton Tipping Transport Box that simply attaches to our compact tractor and is a brilliant help for everyday use around the centre, with a rear scoop for reversing into mounds of manure, grass, and hay. A very useful piece of kit which has saved many hours of physical labour!
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ACC Contracting is a local countryside contracting company.

As a farm, we have to carry out many different tasks across the site on a regular basis. From muck collection and spreading to fencing. 

We could not have been able to carry out all of these jobs without the help of a local contractor. 

We are very fortunate to have the support of ACC Contracting who supply us fencing materials as well as help us with jobs around the farm. 
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Wildfire Collective is a boutique marketing, communications and public relations agency who think and act differently.

Wildfire are a freelance collective, founded on a passion for creativity. They have extensive expertise across a range of sectors, and use innovative ideas to inspire each audience.

Wildfire are responsible for our excellent logo and branding materials. We love our branding and are very gratefulto Wildfire for working with us on it.
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M&J Hire Centres are a One Stop Shop for all Tool Hire, Contractors Plant, Access Equipment and Portable Accommodation.

We are very fortunate to have the support of this local company through means of discounted hire rates. We have used their 1.5t, 3t and 5t excavators to carry out work on the farm such as walkways and farm tracks. We have also been fortunate enough to have use of their vibrating roller and vibrating plates to help compact hardcore down to make a solid base for horses to walk on.
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We are very fortunate to have the support of Horslyx. They provide us with free products for our animals at the sanctuary.

We use the Horslyx balancers at the sanctuary and provide them to both our Horses and Goats. 

The Horslyx original as well as respiratory, pro-digest and mobility licks provide our horses with the ability to self-select the vitamins, minerals and trace elements that they need. 

Whilst our goats have the benefit of the Horslyx Smallholder Blocks. These blocks provide essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements to all livestock on a 'little and often' basis. 
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Collards are a large company that specialises in Demolition, Disposal and Recycling. 

We were keen to work with Collards due to the fact that they recycle and supply aggregates. As a charity, we are very keen on sustainable land management.

So when we needed recycle road planings for a project at the farm, we knew exactly who we wanted to approach. 

We are delighted that Collards agreed to supply us with the material needed to create a mud-free surface for our horse outside the barn.
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Alex is a Qualified Equine Behaviourist and Saddle Fitter working with South Coast Saddlery. Alex is fully certified with the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants and is also a Registered Accredited Animal Behaviourist with the Animal Behaviour Training Council.
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On Point Recovery is a reliable 24 hour roadside recovery service that operates in various locations surrounding the M25, M3 & M4. Whether you’ve experienced a flat tyre, breakdown, battery failure or you’ve been involved in an acccident – they've got you covered. 

We are fortunate enough that OPR love to help out in the local community and therefore sponsor the charity and help us with our machinery. 
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