How can you help us?

As a charity, we rely on the generosity of the general public as well as local businesses and companies. You may have seen yesterday that we said a huge thank you to David Cliff Estate Agents who kindly donated £1000 at the start of 2021.

It's donations like these that help keep us going. We wanted to make our supporters aware that as of this week, there is a new way of helping us. We have setup a new donation platform on our website to allow us to fundraise without the large fees usually taken from each donation.
As you all will know, we are a small charity and we are also very new (we have only been a registered charity for a matter of months!) but we hope you will agree, we have managed to achieve a lot in that time. Looking forward to the summer of 2021, we have a lot of projects and plans in the pipelines. We would love your support to help us make them possible (more about these plans in the coming weeks).

If you would like to support us on a monthly basis, or even as a 'one-off', we have setup an easy donation link at where this is now easy to do.
As we are so new, we are still working hard to share the message about our sanctuary and what it is we do and it will take time before we have a large supporter base that can help us with fundraising. In the meantime, any support you can give would be gratefully received by us and the animals.
Thank you!

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