The Berkshire Animal Connection Centre is based in the Berkshire Countryside and was started to provide sanctuary for animals who have been rescued from dire circumstances and who cannot be rehomed whether it be due medical/health issues, ongoing rehabilitation, behavioural problems or simply because they do not fit into a specific role in society.

To the sanctuary, no animal’s life is worthless and every animal can enrich people’s lives, in our case through therapy, training and simply being with these amazing animals. The sanctuary is now a registered charity (1191736) which means there are more ways in which you can support us.

With your help and donations from supporters, we can expand the sanctuary to include many more animals in need.

The sanctuary’s aim is to demonstrate through education, open days and courses, that animals can make a huge difference through therapy for those suffering from conditions such as PTSD, Depression, Anxiety and even loneliness. All whilst they are living in an environment set up to closely mimic that of their natural lifestyle and habitats.

Our animals live out 24/7, 365 days a year in large well-managed fields. They live a happy and natural lifestyle. The 5 Animal Needs state that animals require a suitable environment, suitable diet, ability to act out most or all of their natural behaviours, are protected from pain and suffering and are suitably housed with or apart from others - all within a 24 hour period. We can confidently say that the 5 animal needs are being met by our equines every day. They live in an optimum environment, have a natural diet, are able to behave naturally and are given the care they need as an individual.
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